Custom Packaging for Cosmetic Applications

EsspacWhy deal with a host of different suppliers or encounter costly delays in delivery? Complete finished product packaging services for Esschem products are now available through EssPac, our partner company and a division of Esschem, Inc. We can customize the packaging that you need and deliver it filled with the product you order from us and ready to ship to your customers. Colored Acrylic Powders, monomers, Polish removers, Colored Gels, and much more can be packaged for you, labeled, and delivered ready for shipment. Packaging options range from 1/4 oz. to several pounds for powders, and from 1/3 oz. to several gallons for monomers and other liquids.

  • Purchase the same high-quality cosmetic nail products in individual packaged units bearing your own brand labels.
  • Eliminate your need to schedule packaging operations and maintain package inventory.
  • Add convenience by receiving your cosmetic products already packaged and ready to ship directly to your customers!
  • Concentrate on marketing and distributing your products while shortening turn-around and delivery time.
  • Packaging options range from 1⁄4 oz. to several pounds for powders, and from 1⁄3 oz. to several gallons for monomers, other Acrylic Liquids and Colored UV Gels.
  • We can assist you in all aspects of package development, from choosing just the right container to creating the perfect label.
  • Plus, we can ship direct to your facility or drop-ship anywhere in the world for you.
  • Our new, state-of-the-art packaging equipment is designed to handle a variety of flammable and hazardous materials.
  • Esspac can handle short runs for clients who require as few as 1000 pieces per order (minimum packaging run volumes will apply).
  • Match or customize your current packaging with new containers.
  • EssPac can include your own unique brand label on the containers or assist with creating new labels for your brand.


  • You can continue to receive your products in bulk as you always have, if you prefer.

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