Who We Are

California Chemical Specialties is the most trusted supplier of quality Acrylic Nail Powders, Nail Liquids, Gels and Gel Polish products to the cosmetics industry.

For decades, we have provided technology, product customization and supply to professional nail care brands around the world. Today, we continue to lead the industry with the creation and manufacture of advanced material platforms.

Our innovative products and flexible approach can do the same for your company, too! Our team members have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients. We are readily available to speak in-person and provide our customers with expert information and the best solutions.

Call on us, and this same level of leadership, quality, market insight and scientific expertise is available to you to help enhance your in-house cosmetic nail brand.

Made in the USA

As a division of Esschem, California Chemical Specialties is a leading USA-based producer of methacrylate-based bulk materials for cosmetic nail enhancements. Our leading-edge capabilities and processes ensure that we deliver the highest quality materials to our customers.

California Chemical Specialties only uses ingredients found in the Personal Care Products Council INCI and EU Commission COSING directories. Our customers can count on factual disclosure and compliance with leading industry standards, including the new FDA MoCRA law.


Our Approach

Individuals and nail salons often ask if they can buy products directly from us. We respectfully decline these requests.

Distribution in the professional nail care industry is a complicated business and one already well covered by established and well-known concerns. We prefer to do what we do best – invent great nail enhancement materials and sell them in bulk for packaging, branding, and marketing into downstream outlets.

If you are interested in our supply, please note that we require a minimum order quantity.

Our History

California Chemical Specialties is part of the Justi Group, Inc. Justi Group is a direct descendant of the H.D. Justi Company, a dental appliance maker formed in Philadelphia during the 1860’s. Today, our affiliates are respected manufacturers of supplies for many biomedical fields, and related industrial applications.